Enjoy unlimited gaming with the latest titles, top-tier hardware, and LAN support. Benefits include tournament participation, party discounts, and priority enrollment for events. Join our ultimate gaming experience today!


Trust our unmatched team-building and professional esports coaching in a safe, nurturing environment. Enjoy exclusive discounts, tournament access, and priority event enrollment for your child’s ultimate growth and success.


rust our unmatched advanced team building, elite esports coaching, and VFX education. Your child will gain discipline, respect, and tournament opportunities in a nurturing environment, ensuring comprehensive personal growth and success.




Monday - Friday 02:00 pm - 10:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday 02:00 pm - 10:00 PM





At x99Lives, our mentorships connect your child with top esports and VFX professionals through exclusive Zoom calls. In a safe, supportive environment, they’ll learn advanced graphic design and VFX techniques, gaining invaluable insights and skills. Trust us to provide exceptional opportunities that nurture their creative and professional growth.


At X99Lives, our Beyond the Game subscription provides outstanding VFX and digital animation education. Students begin with Photoshop for digital creations and advance to 3D and animation using Blender and Unreal Engine, under the guidance of industry experts. Each month, they receive mentorship from various leading professionals in the field, gaining invaluable insights. Their work is showcased at tournaments and events, celebrating their growth and achievements. Join us to give your child elite skills and an inspiring, creative experience within a vibrant, supportive community.


At x99Lives, we provide top-tier esports coaching for your child, led by professional sports coaches. In a safe, supportive environment, we focus on strategic excellence, real-time feedback, and personal growth. Trust us to deliver the best, nurturing both gaming skills and life success for your child.


At X99Lives, our esports tournaments offer thrilling gameplay and family fun. Watch your child compete in Fortnite, Super Smash Bros., FIFA, and Madden, while enjoying a vibrant, safe environment. Join us for a memorable day filled with excitement, live commentary, and activities, fostering skills and creating lasting family memories.




“Esports at x99Lives is defined as competitive gaming where players compete in organized multiplayer video game competitions. It’s an environment that mirrors traditional sports with its levels of commitment, skill, and engagement.” 

“Unlike casual gaming, esports involves structured training and formal competitions with significant stakes. At x99Lives, it requires a high level of commitment and professionalism, much like traditional sports.”

“Our team-based games at x99Lives require players to communicate and collaborate effectively, fostering vital social skills like cooperation and verbal communication, which are essential for young teens.

“Esports can be a bonding activity for families. By engaging together in games or spectating at events, families enhance communication and mutual respect. At x99Lives, we encourage this shared experience as a rewarding opportunity for both parents and children.”

“Yes, engaging in esports at x99Lives helps children develop cognitive skills like problem-solving, improves hand-eye coordination, and enhances social skills through team interactions, which are vital as they grow.”

“At x99Lives, children hone skills such as strategic thinking, effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and resilience. These are not only applicable in gaming but also beneficial in academic and social settings.”

“At x99Lives, we recommend that kids start engaging in competitive gaming around the age of 13, which is when they typically can handle competitive pressures and focus required for training while balancing their academic and social life.”

“Parents should be informed about the game content and interaction quality. We ensure a safe, inclusive environment at x99Lives and encourage parents to set reasonable limits on playtime to balance gaming with other important

“For those in our Pro Level Subscription, we provide professional graphic design and content creation services to help athletes build a unique visual identity and enhance their streaming presentations, which boosts marketability.”

“These services professionalize your public persona at x99Lives, increasing visibility to viewers and sponsors, which is crucial for those looking to grow their following and secure a successful esports career.”

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